UDEL GPU Programming Hackathon, 2016

DAY 2, May 03 –  2016 (Scroll down for Day 1 updates)

<for more details on the hackathon>

So what was Day 2 like?

Let’s start with a math equation, shall we? 🙂

Programmers’ patience tested!

Profilers like TAU and nvprof are every team’s best friends at this point. One of the team’s kernel is over 5K LOC showcasing low latency and poor data access pattern. Another team is working on C++ codes and as observed in the past hackathons, it’s been a challenge to use OpenACC on such codes that are deeply nested and heavily templated. One of the other teams is already seeing ~1.2x speedup on GPUs using OpenACC comparing with OpenMP.

Some of the optimizations that the teams have been using include loop reorganization, kernels splitting, and flattening call structures for C++ codes. Some are restructuring their codes and trying to use the memory and caches efficiently.

Corner cases are being reported to the compiler developers and this sort of feedback is really important to improve OpenACC compiler implementations!!

Here you go with a screen full of errors – well actually doesn’t fit within a screen!

Blue screen of despair 😉



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