OpenACC Usergroup co-located with GTC 2018; Meeting Minutes

Thank you very much for coming!!! Hope you all had fun!! 🙂

Pls share your feedback with us.

Here are some pics from the event!

My so very special thanks to Julia Levites (NVIDIA), Andi Moore (PGI) and of course, Duncan Poole (President, OpenACC) for their help with planning and execution of this meetup !!!  🙂

John Stone’s (UIUC) and Randy Allen’s (Mentor Graphics) slides are available here.

My very special thanks go out to both these speakers for setting the stage at the meetup!!!!

Michael Wolfe’s talk (PGI)

  • True deep copy (PGI is currently working on an implementation)
  • Asynchronous feature for multicore architectures
  • Multiple devices
  • Abstractions for memory hierarchies
  • Defining how OpenACC works with devices that share part of memory such as CUDA unified memory
  • Request for examples of applications or algorithms that need to be expressed differently for GPU and CPU, to drive a discussion of how to express them more abstractly allowing the implementation (compiler and runtime) to select the appropriate implementation.

July 31 – OpenACC Scientific Application User feedback session at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)

  • If you are using OpenACC for porting your scientific applications and have been thinking about newer directives that the specification currently lacks, talk to us!

  • Your talk doesn’t need to be formal at all. What we would like to hear about are the challenges you faced using OpenACC for your applications, newer features/directives you are thinking about and compiler bugs that you would have encountered in your porting process.

  • You are welcome to come in person to ORNL or dial in via webex.

  • Write to me ( if you wish to be scheduled to give us your feedback.


Access to Teaching Materials

Please contact Julia Levites <>. These materials have helped me a lot, and I am sure it will help you too!!

Two Books:

  • OpenACC for Programmers: Concepts and Strategies” -> GitHub consisting of exercises, hands-on examples, and solutions, edited by Sunita Chandrasekaran and Guido Juckeland

  • Parallel Programming with OpenACC” -> Github consisting of exercises, hands-on examples, and solutions, edited by Rob Farber



On behalf of the wonderful OpenACC team,

Sunita Chandrasekaran

Director, OpenACC User Adoption

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